Diagnostic Imaging

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The Greater Poland Cancer Centre applies the latest diagnostic imaging methods that allow to visualise both malignant and benign lesions. Early detection of a disease focus in patient’s body is essential a proper diagnosis of treatment. Comprehensive diagnosis by those methods are carried out by the Radiology and Nuclear Medicine units. Our Centre offers a wide range of tests – from basic radiography and ultrasound to highly specialised molecular imaging tomography, and with interdisciplinary assessment of test results by specialists in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, correct diagnosis can be made and best treatment strategy selected.
The range of tests available includes morphological imaging techniques (Ultrasound, X-Ray, Mammography, CT), functional imaging (Nuclear Medicine, e.g. scintigraphy), as well as 3D molecular imaging techniques (MRI, PET/CT) that allow cancer or metastasis to be detected at a very early stage.
Diagnostic imaging also involves radiotherapy planning and interdisciplinary techniques of lymph node marking before breast cancer and melanoma surgeries.
To read more on tests performed at our Centre please consult the following sections:
Nuclear Medicine