Head & Neck Cancer Clinic

Head & Neck Cancer Clinic is the first place to go for patients with suspected head and neck cancer. The Head & Neck Cancer Clinic provides diagnosis of pre-cancerous conditions of the head and neck, as well as cancers of the face, oral cavity, throat, larynx, nose and paranasal sinuses, skull base, thyroid, skin of the head and neck region, orbital cavity and ear. Its diagnostic activity includes a full diagnosis of lesions and malformations within the neck (primary and metastatic tumours and anigomas). Our two clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art ENT units for head and neck diagnosis.

Each diagnostic procedure is supplemented with endoscopic examination using a fiberscope, set of endoscopes. Each anatomical location and any pathology located in it is well visible on the screen owing to a visual tract. We also use a modern ultrasonography machine (intraoperative, intraoral, external) and electrophysiology of sensory organs (hearing, smell, taste). All these resources enable us to make a right diagnosis – either to exclude o confirm cancer.

At the Head & Neck Cancer Clinic, we decide, together with the patient and their family, on what further treatment is needed by referring the patient for a multidisciplinary consultation to establish an individual treatment protocol. Every day we consult patients from all over Poland. The well-being of our patients is our first priority.


Headed by

Wojciech Golusiński, Prof


Contact details

Head & Neck Surgery and Oncology Clinic

Tel. +48 61 8850914 – Head of the Clinic
Office +48 61 8850929 / +48 61 8850932

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