Information for persons/students who intend to carry out research at the Greater Poland Cancer Centre, including doctoral dissertations, BA theses, MA theses and other.

The Greater Poland Cancer Centre supports scientific study, including BA theses, MA theses, doctoral dissertations and other. All research projects, after having been approved by a competent bioethics review committee, are then required to meet specific conditions (as described below). However, considering a great number of requests and proposals regarding studies that involve the participation of GPCC patients or staff, or the use of GPCC databases, it is impossible for us, for organisational reasons, to allow all proposed research projects, even if approved by a review committee.

Any research performed on the GPCC premises has to be supervised by a GPCC staff member who will agree to perform the role of a mentor and co-researcher in the project. The above requirement is dictated by the protection of patient rights and the need to ensure safety of therapeutic and diagnostic activities.

Requests should be submitted to the GPCC Director’s office. The consent is given by the Director, Julian Malicki, Prof. or Director’s Representative for scientific activity, Andrzej Marszałek, Prof.

Conditions to be met before submitting a request:

1. Indicate a GPCC staff member (including his/her written consent) to be a research team member.

2. Obtain consent of the GPCC organisational unit concerned. The request should also include information that enables assessment whether it can actually be conducted at the GPCC.

3. Secure funds to perform the research project if it involves any costs to be incurred by the GPCC.


Requests that fail to meet the formal requirements will not be processed.