Gynaecological Oncology Clinic

The Gynaecological Oncology Clinic carries out:

  • qualification of patients for specialist treatment,
  • follow-up examinations after specialist treatment,
  • symptomatic treatment,
  • diagnostic ultrasound examinations,
  • consultative examinations and issuing opinions on the state of health of patients,
  • collection of material for cytological and histopathological examinations,
  • qualifying patients for surgical treatment,
  • qualification for diagnostic gynaecological procedures, including: colposcopy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy,
  • gynaecological consultations for patients with breast cancer,
  • follow-up examinations after surgical and diagnostic treatment.

Contact details:

Practice E1 and Gabinet E2 of the Radiotherapy and Gynaecological Oncology Department

Front office

tel.: + 61 88 50 588

Practice E4 of the Surgical, Oncological and Endoscopic Gynaecology Department

tel.: + 61 88 50 574

Front office

tel.: + 61 88 50 970