Pharmacy of the Greater Poland Cancer Centre

Pharmacy is a public health care institution where authorised persons provide pharmaceutical services under the applicable Pharmaceutical Law, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and pharmaceutical inspection guidelines (PIC/S).

GPCC departments are supplied by the Pharmacy with medicinal products and medical devices. Some medicines are also prepared at daily doses, including cytostatics. For that purpose the Cytostatics Dissolution Laboratory was established in 2005.

All activities are performed in consistence with pre-set procedures, and suitable rooms are adapted to the type of activities being carried out. The rooms are arranged and designed in such a way as to ensure a proper execution of the assigned tasks and minimise undesired factors affecting the production quality.

The Hospital Pharmacy is staffed by twelve employees with university degree, five pharmacy technicians, an accountant and three members of support staff.

The Pharmacy participates in clinical trials conducted by the Centre. .


Pharmacy Manager

mgr farm. Elżbieta Chojecka