How to obtain assistance from a psychologist and / or social worker?
How to prepare for colonoscopy, gastroscopy and rectoscopy?
How to prepare for Computed Tomography?

What data should be included in a correctly completed referral?
How can I obtain a copy of my medical records?
I am looking for melanoma vaccine, I have heard about unofficial vaccine against that disease.
I would like to find out if I need a referral from a GP or dermatologist to have a mole on my back removed.
Do I need a referral for mammotome biopsy?
Is an employer entitled to publish employees’ personal data on their websites?
Who should I see about the melanoma vaccine?
I would like to know if you perform tests for the presence of genes responsible for diseases like breast cancer?
Are the registration desk phone numbers 711, 556 and 557 still valid?
Is NMR test refunded by the National Health Fund?
Can I have CT-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of the lung made at the GPCC? If so, what is the waiting time and cost?
Is non-invasive prostate cancer treatment using ablatherm machines offered in Poland?
I have been treated at the Gliwice Oncology Centre so far. Now I live near Poznań. What should I do to start treatment at your Centre?
Are there any tests to check if I have cancer?
Should I take any additional tests before having a mole removed from my face?
What is MR?
How can I register to the clinic privately (on a paid basis)?
Who should I see after my mole is removed? Are test results delivered anyhow to the patient?
I have a referral for surgery and I would like it to be done at your Centre. What should I do?