Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology Department

Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology Department offers to its patients a proper cancer diagnosis and treatment in line with the latest achievements in oncology as well as possibilities of regular follow-up after surgery.

Surgical procedures are performed using both conventional methods and laparoscopy with particular focus on:

  • Pre-cancerous conditions and cancers of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, large intestine (including anastomosis within the chest for cancer of the cardia); primary and secondary liver cancers including thermal ablation hybrid procedures; cancers of the abdominal cavity wall including reconstruction; the gallbladder and bile ducts; oesophagus, and pancreas;
  • Pre-cancerous conditions and cancers of the breast, i.e. surgeries of benign and malignant breast cancers: conservative surgery, sentinel node biopsy (SNB), non-palpable breast tumour surgery: ROLL and SNOLL, breast removal by conventional methods with sentinel node biopsy or block removal with regional lymph nodes, benign and malignant thyroid cancer, cervical lymph node dissection in thyroid cancer, or chest melanoma,
  • Cancers of the lungs and chest wall, removal of lung metastasis, cancers of the soft tissue and cancers invading the chest wall,
  • Pre-cancerous conditions and cancers of the skin, soft tissue and bones,
  • Resection of peripheral and retroperitoneal lymph nodes (inguinal, axillary, cervical).

The Surgical Oncology Department II provides the following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures within a single day:

  • Surgical excision of skin tumours,
  • CT-guided stereotactic biopsy,
  • Decompression of the pleural and peritoneal cavities,
  • Excision of benign and malignant skin and soft tissue lesions,
  • Excision of breast tumours that do not require hospitalisation,
  • Excision biopsy of lesions suspected of skin melanoma,
  • Surgical biopsy of lymph nodes,
  • Trepanobiopsy of the bone marrow.

Owing to the cooperation with the Endoscopy Laboratory, Surgical Oncology Department II provides low invasive endoscopic polypectopmy, stenting of cancer-related narrowing in the gastrointestinal tract and bile duct, endoscopic submucosal dissection /ESD/.

Head of Department

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Kycler Witold, MD
acting Head of Gastrointestinal Surgical Oncology Department

Contact details

Office, room 2002

Tel. +48 (61) 8850 609

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.