Brachytherapy (from Greek brachy meaning “short”) is a treatment method that involves radiation of tumours using the radiation energy of an isotope placed inside or next to the tumour. Brachytherapy is an established technique in oncology which has been used for many years in our Centre. Many artificial radioactive isotopes are now being applied in cancer therapy with steadily improving physical properties to ensure safety for both patients and physicians. This allows a significant reduction in radiation damage to healthy tissues that surround the tumour.

Owing to the implementation of new-generation therapeutic machines, Microselectron HDR (currently Flexitron HDR) and PDR systems, the Greater Poland Cancer Centre (GPCC) has greatly increased the number of patients and cancer types treated to the level comparable with renowned centres in the European Union.

Every year, we provide treatment to over 1,000 patients who account for approx. 20% of all patients treated with radiotherapy. The GPCC Brachytherapy Unit is the only public brachytherapy centre in Poland that offers LDR brachytherapy procedures (the so-called permanent implants) under a contract with the National Health Fund.


Unit structure:

  • Cancer Brachytherapy Laboratory
  • Brachytherapy Treatment Planing and Dosimetry Laboratory (organisationally, a part of the Medical Physics Unit),
  • Hyperthermia Laboratory, Endoscopy Laboratory, Permanent Implants Laboratory,
  • Brachytherapy Clinic,
  • Reception Unit

What equipment do we use for treatment?

The Greater Poland Cancer Centre is currently using three brachytherapy machines:

  • 2 Flexitron HDR(High Dose Rate) systems,
  • 1 microselectron PDR(Pulsed Dose Rate) system.

The Unit employs modern treatment planning systems Oncentra Brachy, Oncentra Prostate, integrated therapeutic line with a SIMULIX simulator with a CT extension, Philips Endura imaging system, 2 real-time planning systems SWIFT/SPOT for HDR and LDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer.

GPCC Brachytherapy Unit is one of three centres in Poland to utilise an advanced hyperthermia system by BSD Medical for cancer treatment. In terms of this kind of equipment, the Unit counts among Europe’s best oncology centres.

Procedures currently performed by the GPCC Brachytherapy Unit:

  • LDR (permanent implant) and HDR interstitial brachytherapy,
  • Breast cancer interstitial brachytherapy as a boost or APBI,
  • Skin cancer interstitial and contact brachytherapy,
  • Lip cancer interstitial brachytherapy,
  • Head and neck cancer interstitial and contact brachytherapy,
  • Penile cancer interstitial brachytherapy,
  • Advanced abdominal cancer interstitial brachytherapy, including pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer recurrence, retroperitoneal sarcomas,
  • Trachea and lung cancer endoluminal brachytherapy,
  • Oesophagus cancer endoluminal brachytherapy,
  • Bile duct cancer endoluminal brachytherapy,
  • Anal cancer endoluminal and interstitial brachytherapy,
  • Gynaecological cancer endoluminal and interstitial brachytherapy,
  • Interstitial and surface hyperthermia in combination with brachytherapy, teleradiotherapy and chemotherapy,
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy.

Who provides the treatment?

Brachytherapy procedures require involvement of a highly specialised team of medical professionals representing different specialities. At the Greater Poland Cancer Centre, such teams consist of 4 radiation oncologists, 4 medical physicists, 4 radiological technologists, 5 surgical nurses, 8 ward nurses and 3 medical secretaries.

Scientific activity

In 1999–2021, members of the Unit’s staff authored over 110 scientific publications, prepared and gave over 130 presentations and lectures on brachytherapy at scientific conferences (both Polish and international).

The Unit was the fist house of the Polish Brachytherapy Society and still is the publishing office of the „Journal of Contemporary Brachytherapy”.

The Unit provides teaching for students of Medicine and Electroradiology of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences, and students of Physics of Poznań Adam Mickiewicz University.


Contact details

Brachytherapy Unit Office: Joanna Koszewska, phone: +48 (61) 88 50 817,

Fax Front Office: +48 (61) 88 50 834


  • Adam Chicheł, MD, PhD (Head of Department), phone: +48 (61) 88 50 818
  • Wojciech Burchardt, MD, PhD (Deputy), phone: +48 (61) 88 50 918
  • Artur Chyrek, MD, PhD (Head of Permament Implants Laboratory), phone: +48 (61) 88 50 918
  • Adam Kluska, MD, PhD, phone: +48 (61) 88 50 918


  • Grzegorz Zwierzchowski, MSc, PhD (Head of Brachytherapy Planning Laboratory), phone: +48 (61) 88 50 819
  • Grzegorz Bielęda, MSc, phone: +48 (61) 88 50 819
  • Patrycja Stefaniak, MSc, phone: +48 (61) 88 50 819
  • Natalia Wiśniewska, MSc, phone: +48 (61) 88 50 819


  • Magdalena Bertrandt-Łasińska (Coordinating Nurse), phone: +48 (61) 88 50 819

Brachytherapy Clinic

Phone: +48 (61) 88 50 832

Opening hours 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Registration at the hospital’s ground floor, by phone + 48 (61) 8850557, or online.

Brachytherapy Unit

Outpatient part open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00,
inpatient part open 24/7

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