On the day of your admission to hospital, you should report to the General Registration in the morning on empty stomach (except for patients taking medicines for high blood pressure and diabetes who should have a light breakfast and take their medicines according to doctor’s indications) to register for a selected Clinic. Please, bring with you a valid insurance card (or other document that entitles you to receive a health service under universal health coverage) and your identity card;

Patients with pre-set chemotherapy date are not required to report to the General Registration.

Then, you will be referred to the Clinic to see a doctor who will make sure that there are no contraindications for hospitalisation;

Upon admission to a hospital ward, you will be asked to state a name and phone number of a contact person for matters related to you;

If you are admitted to a hospital on a pre-set date, you should bring the following with you: two pairs of pyjamas, bathrobe, two towels, hygiene articles, toothbrush and toothpaste, your creams and body lotions, slippers, socks, cutlery and cup or glass;

You can leave your personal stuff at the hospital; however, due to the shortage of space, we recommend that your family take your overcoat home;

Any valuables can be left with the hospital cashiers but, if possible, please do not bring them with you;

Please, bring with you any medicines that you use on a constant basis (e.g. those for diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases) for the whole predicted period of hospitalisation; note, if you are going to be treated at a radiotherapy unit, this may be up to six weeks;

We do not demand that you present your medical test results, but if you have any, please, bring them with you; also, please, provide any discharge reports from other hospitals;

Patients can be visited on any day; there are no fixed visiting hours, except for the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department which is open to visitors between 11:00 am – 7:00 pm;

The Centre houses a chapel where masses are held; a catholic priest visits patients every day with Holy Communion; confession can also be made at the chapel or in the wards;

Smoking is strictly forbidden within and in vicinity of the Centre;

The Centre does not offer any parking spaces: therefore, you may be charged for parking near the hospital between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday according to the municipal rates;

There is a café near the winter garden where you can buy and have a meal, sandwiches, bottled soft drinks, fruit and newspapers. Some hot drink vending machines are also available in publicly accessible places;

The Centre allows patients to pursue their hobbies, such as needlework, watching films or reading books (library available on-site);

Some patients, especially those treated at the Radiotherapy and Gynaecological Oncology departments, need to follow a special diet; therefore, please, ask a nurse before providing any food or drinks to a patient being hospitalised;

Please, do not bring any cut or pot flowers for patients of the interventional departments (Surgery, Head & Neck Surgery and ENT Oncology, Radiotherapy and and Gynaecological Oncology);

Do not visit patients at the Centre if you are having a cold.