Clinical Psychology

That unit is staffed by psychologists and social workers. They provide aid to:

  • Patients (being hospitalised, waiting for admission to hospital or after hospitalisation at the Greater Poland Cancer Centre;
  • Patients’ families,
  • Medical personnel.

Main types of support offered to patients and their families:

  • Critical time intervention, psycho-education, cognitive and behavioural therapy, supportive therapy, neuropsychological diagnosis and rehabilitation, speech language pathology diagnosis and therapy, support in bereavement.

The Psychology Clinic provides consultation in:

  • Disability assessment for pension (ZUS and KRUS social insurance funds) and non-pension purposes (Municipal and District Disability Assessment Committees),
  • National Health Fund (NFZ) – regarding orthopaedic and support equipment,
  • Labour law and social support.


Headed by

Dorota Gołąb



Psychology Unit is in room 3070, 3rd floor, tel. + 48 (61) 8850-882,
Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.