Breast Surgical Oncology Department

Breast Surgical Oncology Department performs surgical procedures of the breast, skin and subcutaneous tissue, upper and lower sections of the gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system. Over 2,000 surgeries are and over 5,000 ambulatory procedures are done annually.

Breast Surgery

The Department performs around 1,000 breast surgeries a year. We also have a biopsy machine, the so-called mammotome H-H, that enables to collect tissue samples of non-non-palpable lesions. Our surgeon team provides a variety of breast cancer treatments from classical procedures, such as mastectomy through conservative breast surgery to breast reconstruction. We apply techniques that are minimally invasive while improving precision during surgery: (ROLL, SNOLL).

A minimally invasive method for lymph node sampling, the so-called sentinel node biopsy, is also being developed.

Our Department is equipped with a intraoperative radiotherapy machine (MOBETRON) that is applied in patients with diagnosed breast cancer who choose conservative treatment. The Department also provides gastrointestinal surgery, oesophagus resection, total and partial stomach excision, and anal cancer treatment. Many years of experience in the treatment of gastric cancer have brought the fruition of perioperative mortality being reduced to below 1%. We perform liver resection using CUSA machine and a water knife. In patients with non-operative lesions within the liver, the procedure of thermal ablation is done using a Cooltip electrode. We perform both anatomical and non-anatomical resections that allow in every case to optimise the scope of tumour resection, thyroid surgery (nodular goiter, radical treatment of thyroid cancer including cervical lymphatic system), radical treatment of the primary focus, regional lymphatic system and metastases in soft tissue tumours by means of radio- and chemotherapy, radical treatment of pancreatic tumours, as well as general surgical procedures (hernia repair, gallbladder laparoscopy).

Admission to the Breast Surgical Oncology Department

To be admitted, please register in our Surgery Clinic (room 0011, ground floor), bring your existing medical records and referral with you. Following consultation, the patient is qualified for surgery and the date of his/her admission to hospital set.

Head of Department

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Janusz Wasiewicz, MD
acting Head of the Breast Surgical Oncology Department

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