Radiotherapy has been one of the most effective methods of controlling cancer for over 100 years. It uses ionising radiation to destroy as many cancer cell as possible. The very treatment process is painless; however, some side effects may occur as with any other treatment. The Greater Poland Cancer Centre has a 60-year experience in irradiating cancer patients and applies the most advanced treatment methods in Poland. Importantly, patients who do not require hospitalisation (ambulatory treatment) are serviced immediately (no queues), while those qualified for hospitalised treatment are admitted within ten to twenty days.
GPCC provides radiation therapy for patients with diagnosed cancers of the following sites:
• breast
• lung
• gastrointestinal tract
• head and neck region
• genitourinary system
• woman’s reproductive organs
• prostate
• central nervous system
• skin
• haematopoietic and lymphatic system
• bone and soft tissue
• paediatric cancers (radiotherapy only)
• sarcomas
• melanomas
Radiotherapy may be delivered by two methods:
• radioteletherapy (RTH): treatment using a source placed at a certain distance from the tissue
• brachytherapy (BTH): treatment using a radiation source being in direct contact with the tumour


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