Rehabilitation Unit

We offer the following services upon referral from any GPCC departments:

  • Physiotherapeutic preparation for surgery and post-surgery activation
  • Oedema control instructions for patients after removal of lymph nodes
  • Mobilisation of patients during radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  • Education for patient families on ways of rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation of patients of the Daily Rehabilitation Department

We provide teaching courses for students of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, and Faculties of Physiotherapy of the Poznań University of Physical Education and School of Education and Administration and training for physical therapists who cooperate with Post-Mastectomy Women’s Clubs. We actively participate in scientific conferences and symposia.

Headed by

Janusz Doś, MD.


Opening hours

Open Monday through Friday: 7:25 a.m. – 6:00 p.m



Tel. +48 (61) 88 50 560 lub +48 (61) 88 50 705