Poznan is flourishing city located in Western Poland, the capital of the Great Poland Province. It is located half way between Berlin and Warsaw on the international route 5 (E30) running from Berlin to Poznan and Warsaw.

Area and population

The city extends over 261,3 square kilometers and is home to a population of some 600 000.




Economy and industry

Poznan is one Poland’s major banking and business centers. It has attracted substantial domestic and foreign investment. Poznan is a major industrial hub and service center. The city prides itself on the Poznan International Fair which offers nearly 40 international events in a variety of fields and industries each year.

Cultural scene

Poznan’s opera house, philharmonic and its numerous theaters and galleries have made it a true cultural center. Each year many unique international events are held here including theater and music festivals, exhibitions, musical contest, concerts and more.



Sports and recreation

Poznan is a major center of sports and recreation. Its ski slope open year round, regatta course on a lake located in the city center, sled track, numerous bike paths, tennis courts, recreation centers, swimming pools, conservatory, zoo, botanical gardens and many others facilities are a part of an extensive offering available to active recreation enthusiast.


Public transport includes trams and busses. They are usually green-yellow color, but there are exceptions – for example some vehicles have advertisements on them.

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